We provide effective laser hair removal that includes hair removal&spider vein eliminator. With the help of modern equipment our customers may get rid of different unsightly vascular lesions. The procedure is fast and absolutely safe for our customers. Desirable results may be obtained during 3-5 treatments. Our services may be undergone in Manhattan and Queens. Only the most innovative laser equipment is used for providing the procedures.

Function principle:

Such defects as spider veins or broken capillaries can be treated only with the help of laser equipment. Such equipment affects skin by high-energy waves. Red blood cells absorb the light providing necessary effect.


Eyebrows microblading:

Eyebrows can be regarded as the most important elements of a face so every woman desires them to be ideal. Nowadays there are plenty of procedures for achieving such effect but the most effective one is microblading that gives semi-permanent&permanent result and natural look. Our specialists invite ladies and gentlemen’s  to our beauty salon for providing this procedure.

Function principle:

A specialist uses micro blade and makes tiny cuts where coloring pigment is injected. You may select any color and shape of your eyebrows. The procedure is safe and almost painless.



One of the most productive anti-aging procedures is four layer facial. Such technique implies applying European seaweeds which provide the effect of skin rejuvenation and tone refreshing.

If you suffer from acne such technique as deep pore cleansing facial will be the best decision. Such treatment provides deep facial cleaning. The pores are opened up through this procedure.


Hair services:

Hair is a real women’s treasure but influence of environment and some other factors affect it in a malignant way so hair demands appropriate treatment. Modern procedures allow strengthening hair, refreshing or changing color,haircut and styling, making greater volume, provide hair extensions services, keratin treatment etc. Only experienced and qualified cosmetologists work in our company so the result will exceed your expectations.


Eyelash extension:

When you are dreaming about perfect eyelashes, long thick and beautiful, order the service of eyelash extensions. Our specialists select them individually and as a result you get gorgeous appearance with naturally looked eyelashes.

Function principle:

Ordering such procedure you are able to select appropriate color, length and texture of lashes that are attached to natural ones. The effect is stable for about 4-6 weeks. It depends on how carefully you follow the cosmetologist’s recommendations. Frequency of rubbing eyes, washing face also influences the adhesive.


Scalp micropigmentation

This technique is regarded as a type of cosmetic pigmentation. It lies in injecting coloring pigment to the scalp through tiny cuts. This method is rather complicated so demands high level of professionalism but at the same time it guarantees result for several years for men and women.

Function principle:

Our specialists select color that is being injected to the scalp with a special tool  in the way to match natural hair so it looks naturally. Moreover we make it a bit darker and such manipulation creates the effect of shadow making appearance three-dimensional.



Swedish massage therapy

Such massage technique is one of the most popular in the USA. It lies in long smooth strokes and kneading circular movements with special lotion or oil.

Aromatherapy massage

This massage technique implies using scented plant oils that are added for achieving special effect. The professional massage therapists select particular oils that correspond to some relaxing, energizing or other aims. Lavender oil is one of the most demanded oils used in aromatherapy massage.

Hot stone massage

This massage technique lies in using heated stones that are put on a body on different points for defusing muscle tension and balancing energy centers. A massage therapist sometimes apply pressure on the stones for achieving better effect.

Deep tissue massage:

This massage technique is provided by slow strokes and frictions. The main aim is to reach deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues. The technique is applied for recovering from injuries or repetitive strains, removing pain and tissue from muscles.